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Enjoy the school holidays and travel safely.
Youth Group and Sunday School are in recess over the holidays
(both recommence on 16th Oct)
Join us for church this Sunday
(2nd October, remember day light saving!)
at 9am Bundanoon, 9.30am Exeter, 10am Tallong,
11am Sutton Forest or 5pm Bundanoon.
(see 'Rosters & Calendar' for more detail)
Bundy Youth Group 'BYG' (every Sunday during term)
(5pm for church and/or 6.30pm just for youth group)
Sunday School at St Aidan's Exeter (every Sunday during term)
Women's Church at Holy Trinity Bundanoon (9.30am 12th October 2016)
TALLONG EXPLORERS KIDS' CLUB (every Monday after school)
BUNDANOON EXPLORERS KIDS' CLUB (every Wednesday after school)