About Us

The Parish of Sutton Forest consists of many congregations who meet in four church centre's every week in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. From North to South, these centre's are listed on the drop-down 'ABOUT US' menu.

What we believe:

The Church is the family of God.

  • Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we are reconciled to God as Father, to each other as family and to the creation as our home.
  • We meet in our church buildings and in home groups to hear what God has to say to us through his written word, the Bible, to encourage each other and to pray for each other, for our communities, for our nation and for the world.
  • Our services are all different but we are all part of the same family who love God.
  • God’s love is overwhelming. He loves even his enemies so much that he doesn’t just want them to be friends but to be adopted into his family in Jesus. Because we know and love Jesus, we want to grow in love for each other and share that love with the community and the whole world.

You are welcome to attend any of our church services, they last between 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Check the 'SERVICE TIMES' page or view our 'ROSTERS' for more information on our Services.