For 2016:

The Rector’s Wardens (appointed by Jeremy) are:
Ron Redfern, Alice Miller, Annette Brown and Alan Weston.

The People’s Wardens (elected by the congregation) are:
Holy Trinity:
Malcolm Smith and John White
St Aidan’s: Nick Patsaki and Holly Lambert
All Saints’: Wendy Quigg and Alan Matthews 
St Stephen’s: Charles Merz and Helen Lucaci.

The Elected Parish Councillors are:
Vera Blain, Irene Brewster, Norm Mallard and Graham Brown (appointed by Rector).

The Parish Nominators (required to act if Jeremy leaves) are:
David Marlow, Alice Miller, Malcolm Smith, Alan Weston & John White.

Our Synod Representatives for 2016 are:
Cathy Harris and Peter Thorne.



Wardens are responsible for the management of their church’s property and care of the congregations which meet there. Wardens meet informally and/or formally to discuss the business of the Church. They welcome feedback and ideas from you.

The Parish Council consists of the Rector, elected Parish Councillors and nominated Wardens. The Parish Council receives financial and other reports, discusses and makes decisions on the business of the whole Parish.
Elections occur in February/March each year at Annual General Meetings.


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