Congratulations on your decision to be married and we welcome your enquiries towards a Christian wedding. Our prayer is that you will grow in love for each other and with God over this time.

We invite you to contact the Parish Office to discuss available dates for your wedding and complete the Application Form. We encourage you to attend church services prior to your wedding day to wedding ringexperience church. The minister may discuss possible options if you live away from this Parish. The Minister will need to meet with you both, on a number of occasions, to talk about the marriage service and the nature of the marriage relationship.

At your first meeting with the minister you will fill out a ‘NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE’ form. You need to bring your original birth certificate with you.

A wedding rehearsal is normally held in the week before the marriage. Final payment for your wedding is required one month prior to your wedding. Speak with the Minister about pew decorations, flowers, photos or any other practical matter prior to the wedding day.

Please refrain from using confetti. Bubbles or rose petals are a nice (biodegradable) substitute.

- The church booking will only be confirmed after you have spoken to the minister and we receive your booking payment. (Your booking should then appear on our 'Calendars'.)

Entering upon a significant new stage in life, such as marriage, causes many people to consider what is important in life. We believe that the best in life is to be found in a living relationship with Jesus. This might be a good time to reconnect with God and we offer ‘Introducing God’, an opportunity to work through an interesting presentation of the Christian faith. We also recommend you participate in a pre-marriage education programme.

Ring the Parish Office 02 4883 6019 or download this Wedding Information and Application  or to speak to the minister about an appointment.

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