Parish News

Parish News updated 14/9/2021.


All Church buildings and halls are closed to the public due to COVID-19. Email the Parish Office for a ZOOM CHURCH link.

Ph:4883 6019

E: parishofsuttonforest

From our Rector:

Please continue to pray for people affected by the lockdown. I am meeting more and more people who are experiencing a new form of grief this time round because they feel as though they are failing as parents and grandparents because they are unable to visit family. This is especially true of families who have lost loved ones or have family members at important milestones in their lives. We need to be patient and prayerful at this very difficult time. I think NSW’s chief psychologist was right recently when he spoke of this current crisis as THE most traumatic event that many people will have experienced in their lifetimes.

Please make use of your telephones and contact each other regularly. Please be particularly aware of people you know to be vulnerable and isolated.
Please, if you feel the need to talk things through, do not hesitate to contact the Parish office. I’m always up for a chat and we can refer people on to more specialised assistance if that is necessary.

Rev. Jeremy Tonks.