Prior to 1883, Tallong, formerly known as Barber’s Creek, was served by the Parish of Sutton Forest. From 1883 it was served more regularly from Marulan. Parishioners met in a slab school with a bark roof.
Mr. E.W. Molesworth gave an acre of land for a church in Tallong and the present wooden church with porch and vestry was built. It is said to have been opened either on the 26th December, 1893 (St Stephen’s Day) or 1st January, 1894.
St Stephen’s is a real bush church, surrounded by practically untouched bushland, with a clearing in front. The terrible bushfire of 1965 came to within 4 metres of the church and the St Stephen’s registers and minute books were destroyed in one of the parishioner’s homes.
There is an oak communion table. The cross was the gift of the late Mr. H.P. Davenport. Tallong was for a time administered by the Diocese of Canberra – Goulburn before returning to the Parish of Sutton Forest to maintain weekly services.
The property title was officially handed over to the Diocese of Sydney on 3rd January, 2007.