All Saints’, Sutton Forest, has an interesting graveyard, the oldest in the Southern Highlands. Gravestones from the 1830s onwards can be viewed and this cemetery is still in use. We have niches available for purchase in our columbarium.
Holy Trinity, Bundanoon, also has an historic cemetery behind the church. it holds 19 known graves and some unmarked graves. It was used between 1880 and 1929. We have a columbarium at Holy Trinity, contact the Parish Office if you would like to purchase a niche.

How to purchase a niche for the interment of ashes: Contact the Parish Office (parishofsuttonforest@bigpond.com). We can discuss the location of niche, timing of the interment and the current costing: Niche ($660), Plaque (approx $250), Interment (approx $140), TOTAL: $1050. We need to send you an Application Form. You may simply complete the Application Form to reserve a niche for yourself, family member or friend and pay for the niche within 6 months. Plaque and interment costs vary depending on our contractors’ pricing so should usually be paid closer to the time of interment. Niche boxes need to be 180mm x 110mm x 75mm i.e. the size of a small brick. You are welcome to phone the Parish Office to discuss any particular preferences.